Paddle , Tiller, Sail


More pastel drawing from the late ’80’s. A visualisation for a sculptural work based on the elements of vessels which guide progress.
The theme is allegorical, dealing with directions, decisions and impulse. The drawing is largely made with torn & cut pieces from glossy magazine adverts. 

Pastel drawing with collage 420 x 594 mm

Private Collection

Boat with Sail 1989


Re visiting work from the archives.

This was one of a long series of drawings made between 1988 and 1991 as visualisations of sculptural themes. They varied between direct representations of possible works to more evocative visions. This was at the latter end of that spectrum. The technique involved collage with torn and cut fragments of magazine imagery enhanced with pastel shading.

Boat with Sail

Pastel 1989
420 x 594mm




A drawing from 20+ years back around the time of an earlier gulf conflict. It was an idea I had for a sculpture based on ‘Airfix’ type boys’ assembly kits. These often featured military hardware, ships, planes etc. I made them myself as a youngster. The sculpture would look like the kit for an incident of Collateral Damage.

The work is in pastel with added pieces of torn/cut magazine colour. It is A2 sized.


The USAF Intelligence Targeting Guide defines the term “[the] unintentional damage or incidental damage affecting facilities, equipment, or personnel, occurring as a result of military actions directed against targeted enemy forces or facilities. Such damage can occur to friendly, neutral, and even enemy forces”. Another United States Department of Defence document uses “Unintentional or incidental injury or damage to persons or objects that would not be lawful military targets in the circumstances ruling at the time. Such damage is not unlawful so long as it is not excessive in light of the overall military advantage anticipated from the attack.”

Intent is the key element in understanding the military definition as it relates to target selection and prosecution. Collateral damage is damage aside from that which was intended. Since the dawn of precision guided munitions, military “targeteers” and operations personnel are often considered to have gone to great lengths to minimize collateral damage. 


Source Wikipedia


Dead Reckoning


How we work out where we are and where other things are and where we will end up.

In the Beginning


100 posts since Feb 25th when I started this blog. Over 10,000 site views, thank you all for your interest and support. Producing work is reward in itself but getting a positive response from so many of you out there has been a real spur and encouragement. Thank you again.


In the beginning because this is what I imagine the moment of creation might have looked like.




Of course there were no cameras then, or artists, so we will never know for sure.

A Cruel Streak

Cruel streak sm

This is a pastel drawing approximately A2 in size with montaged images from my own photography and other layered elements. I was experimenting with gestural mark making and discovered a ghost figure appearing over the door. A tutor once related how Leonardo amongst others looked for found images suggested in clouds, flames, even damp patches on plaster. I don’t know if it is true but I like to think it is. Serendipity in the creative process is magical, but only when it is recognised.



Seeing fellow artists post their life drawing reminded me that I had some of the same tucked away somewhere. This was from a session that I ran with a colleague from a neighbouring school at what was then called the Mappin Gallery in Sheffield. It has since been converted into a ‘state of the art touchy feely button press’ museum. My 5 year old nephew loved it.
Remembering those life drawing sessions and how inspired the students were makes me want to have another go.


A painting / portrait of my father from about 1997

He is a retired lecturer in engineering hence the engine bits and the orthoographic projection.

Acrylic on MDF varnishied. approx A2 i dimension