Paddle , Tiller, Sail

More pastel drawing from the late '80's. A visualisation for a sculptural work based on the elements of vessels which guide progress.The theme is allegorical, dealing with directions, decisions and impulse. The drawing is largely made with torn & cut pieces from glossy magazine adverts.  Pastel drawing with collage 420 x 594 mm Private Collection


Boat with Sail 1989

Re visiting work from the archives. This was one of a long series of drawings made between 1988 and 1991 as visualisations of sculptural themes. They varied between direct representations of possible works to more evocative visions. This was at the latter end of that spectrum. The technique involved collage with torn and cut fragments … Continue reading Boat with Sail 1989

A Cruel Streak

This is a pastel drawing approximately A2 in size with montaged images from my own photography and other layered elements. I was experimenting with gestural mark making and discovered a ghost figure appearing over the door. A tutor once related how Leonardo amongst others looked for found images suggested in clouds, flames, even damp patches … Continue reading A Cruel Streak