4 thoughts on “Angels Fear

  1. Perhaps it is. I’m sure holding an iPad to photograph would be much more awkward than a camera?I’ve never tried it ;)Regardless, the magnitude of your artwork can only be guessed by me and the subtleties of colour …. I’ll have to guess at that too.I still stand by my last comment.It would be wonderful to see them in real life, I’m sure they are magnificent.

  2. Thanks both. Sue, you have noticed my shortcutography using whatever comes to hand. The last one with a wobbly iPad! Dreadful really as I pass myself off as a photographer at times. ;-)It is very difficult to capture the “feel” of the multi media pieces and the scale of the seascapes. The subtleties of colour, well no chance. Maybe it’s like the film and the book… .?

  3. How I would love to see some of these in real life!I don’t think the photos do them justice.

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